Chairman Message

From the desk of Chairman
Dear Students,

It gives me a great pleasure to introduce our college – KDC College of Pharmacy, Mathura which was established in 2019.

Pharmacy Profession is one of the most dynamic fields in the healthcare system that has undergone several paradigm shifts in last two decades. Pharmacy education also witnessed several developments from ancient time to till date. We are living in a globalization and choice based system, where number of options are available in terms of medicines, products, services, types of treatment therapy etc. In this competitive environment, pharmacists need to have complete ancient time to current knowledge. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is growing consistently.

India due to lower cost of production of medicine and other pharmaceutical products has become the choice for various multinational companies. The Pharmacy students need to develop their theoretical as well as practical knowledge, excellent professionalism, morality and desire to complete given task and honesty in order to meet the global challenges. KDC College of Pharmacy provide a platform which will develop your hidden talents besides giving a favorable environment to develop personality and skills. Our prime concern is to empower young pharmacist to combat the challenges they encounter in the 21st century.

I welcome students to join hands with us for promoting and furnishing their future in pharmacy.

Best of luck !

A.K. Singh
KDC College of Pharmacy