KDC College Of Pharmacy

An immersive educational experience with strong student faculty interaction is a must for the proper growth of students. All of our campuses are fully residential with the majority of students staying on campus. Proximity to faculty helps create collaborative situations where students can learn from their teachers outside the classroom setting.

A strong feeling of community exists on each campus. Students are given ample avenues for personal growth and explorations of hobbies. All of our campuses are equipped with a wide range of facilities that make life on campus comfortable and fulfilling. Campus life is vibrant and engaging. The campuses also host various student events and festivals. Each component of the festival or event is designated as a department and is again completely student managed.

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To ensure that students acquire optimal theoretical knowledge and practical training of the pharmacy programme along with strong moral & ethical values and social sensitivity.


To provide specialized quality education in the field of pharmacy, producing competent and skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge & versatile personality to meet the ever-changing demands of industry and global competition.

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  1. To promote high quality education, training & research in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  2. To strengthen the industry-institution interactions for mutual benefits.
  3. To produce competent pharmacists with entrepreneurship and innovative skills.